Hantavirus Diagnostics

Hantavirus Immunofluorescence Tests

PROGEN offers a series of immunofluorescence assays for the detection of antibodies against different Hantavirus serotypes (Dobrava, Hantaan, Puumala, and Seoul) in human serum.

The SlidePack products contain coated slides for use in indirect immunofluorescence for the detection of antibodies against Hantavirus Dobrava, Hantaan, Puumala or Seoul serotype.


  • 10-well slides covered with hantavirus serotype-infected VeroE6 cells and noninfected cells
  • Hantavirus strains used: Puumala Virus Hallnas 83-233L, Hantaan Virus 76-118, and Seoul Virus R-22
  • Evaluated with human sera of hantavirus infected patients from Asia, Scandinavia, Germany as well as Southeast Europe
  • Incubation for 30 min / 30 min at RT
  • Kit includes positive and negative controls
  • Buffer conjugate and mounting medium interchangeable between Puumala, Dobrava/Hantaan and Seoul serotype tests
  • Anti-human IgG+IgM Alexa Fluor588-Conjugate
  • Anti-human IgM Alexa Fluor588-Conjugate or anti-human IgG Alexa Fluor588-Conjugate separately available
  • Slide packs separately available
  • Reagents sufficient for 60 determinations

Special Veterinary Use

  • Slide packs are applicable for veterinary use in combination with a corresponding conjugate
  • Positive controls for detection of antibodies against Hantavirus serotypes Puumala, Hantaan and Seoul in mouse and rat serum available