Hantavirus Diagnostics

Hantavirus Recombinant Nucleocapsid Antigen ELISA

PROGEN provides single-well ELISA for detection of IgG- and IgM-antibodies against Hantavirus Puumala, Dobrava and Hantaan serotypes in human serum.


  • Beneficial single break-apart 8-well microtiter strip format for economical use
  • High specificity and sensitivity when evaluated with human sera of Hantavirus infected patients from Asia, Scandinavia, Germany as well as Southern Europe
  • Utilizes well-defined highly purified recombinant antigens from hantavirus immunodominant nucleocapsid regions
  • Incubation for 45 min / 45 min at 37°C and 10 min at RT
  • Rheumatoid factor IgG absorbent included
  • Ready-to-use positive, negative and reference controls
  • Buffer, stop solution and TMB substrate interchangeable between Puumala IgG/ IgM ELISA and Dobrava/ Hantaan IgG/ IgM ELISA
  • Long shelf-life and high stability of reagents
  • Automated processing possible
  • Absorbance read out at 450 nm
  • Reagents sufficient for 96 IgG or 96 IgM determinations or any combination up to 96 tests
  • Validated against an indirect immunofluorescence reference method for the detection of antibodies against Puumala serotype, Dobrava/ Hantaan serotype and Seoul Virus.
  • The IF tests consist of slides covered with Hantavirus serotype-infected VeroE6 cells and non-infected cells